Learn Faster and Swim Faster

SwimBox provides instant video feedback and underwater mirrors that transforms your learning curve. Being able to see yourself, means you improve your swim faster. This is beneficial to young kids who are just learning to swim to competitive swimmers who need an added edge, or the triathlete that doesn't want to be held back by their swim. We use techniques and technologies used by Olympic athletes.
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Swim Lessons
SwimBox is the most innovative way to take swim lessons. We are the safest way to learn to swim.
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Start Swimming Easier After Just One Lesson

SwimBox brings together innovative technology and experience to improve your swimming. Welcome to the best way to take swim lessons.

For some, swim lessons are the key to getting faster. For others, swim lessons are about coping with an injury. It could be about finding a healthy way to workout. Or maybe you want to add swimming into your workout routine. Either way, your reason doesn’t matter to us as to why you want swim lessons. We just want to help you reach your goal, it’s that simple. And we do that in the most innovative and effective way possible. SwimBox is the safest way to swim, no matter what level of swimmer you may be.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution than SwimBox.


Whether you’re:

  • A triathlete who’s unhappy with your swimming
  • A masters swimmer with an injury
  • An age group swimmer looking to get faster 
  • An adult or kid learning to swim for the first time

Normally, swim lessons are limited to traditional pools. The instructor has to watch the swimmer constantly swim away from them. As a result of this, a continuously effective view of the swimmer is impossible. Even if the instructor has the ability to film, the views are limited and minimal compared to what can be captured in our Endless Pool. Our instant video feedback is custom to your swim, and our mirrors – under the water and above – give constant visual feedback for fast and precise self correction.

Are you ready to give us a shot?


Rather than wasting your time and money on the same old swim lessons, come work with us at SwimBox. We’ll give you a free swim screening and figure out a plan of action. Click the button below or call (703) 237-3930 to start your new swim lessons plan today.


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