Performance Optimization with SwimBox Elite

Our performance optimization service, SwimBox Elite, takes the guesswork out of training. Using the Whoop Strap, a device worn 24/7, combined with our expert data analytics, we're able to provide you with realtime feedback on your training, sleep performance, and recovery. This data combined with our feedback gives you the knowledge to make the right choices when it comes to your training, recovery, and lifestyle in general. Being a member of SwimBox Elite will give you the insight into what works best for you, how to make sure you're getting proper rest and recovery, and having you racing at your peak.

SwimBox Elite Performance Optimization

What can i expect?

SwimBox Elite is done in four week cycles with a minimum requirement of two cycles (the Whoop takes about 20-30 days to adjust to each swimmer, which allows our data to be as accurate as possible). Each 4 week cycle is $150 and comes with the following:

  • Whoop Strap (data tracker that must be work 24/7; don't worry, it's waterproof)
  • Data analytics of HRV (heart rate variability), RHR (resting heart rate), daily strain, sleep performance (time in bed, disturbances, latency, and sleep cycles), and recovery
  • Training suggestions based off of data analytics 
  • Performance coaching
Whoop daily recovery.png

Why does this matter?

One of the issues with traditional methods of physiology testing is you are only being tested once every two to three months. What those tests aren't showing are how your'e affected by periods of high intensity training, lack of sleep, ebbs and flows of stress, and your body's recovery. We want to be able to know whats happening in between those tests on a day to day basis so training can be maximized without overtraining and preventing injury. Because the Whoop Strap is collecting data 24/7 we're able to see how everything you're doing, no matter how insignificant you might think it is, affects your body and it's ability to perform.

SwimBox Elite Whoop Sleep Data