Underwater Treadmill

Our Underwater Treadmill sessions are perfect for a low impact run or working through your rehabilitation. While running you can use our bungee cord to help activate your glutes, which will help you become a stronger runner on land. You have full control of the speed of the treadmill as well as whatever you'd like to watch on our Netflix and Hulu accounts. These sessions are 30 minutes long, but you're more than welcome to schedule two to three sessions back to back in order to get a longer workout in.

open swim

When you're looking for a quiet environment to swim in our Open Swim sessions are the solution. You have full access to our training equipment and can adjust the water current to a speed that suits you. Whether you want a leisurely swim workout without any background noise, or a space to train without having to fight for lane space at the local pool, SwimBox has the answer.