Swim Easier after just one lesson

SwimBox brings together technology and expertise to give you the best swim lesson experience available. The core of our protocol is injury prevention, and our dream is that everyone know how to swim. We work towards that by providing you with the safest and most technical swim lessons you can find.

You'll be Hard pressed to find a solution better than SwimBox

Whether you're:

  • A triathlete who's unhappy with your swimming

  • A masters swimmer with an injury

  • A competitive swimmer looking to get faster

  • An adult learning to swim for the first time

All of our swim lessons take place in our shallow, warm water, Endless Pool. Our instant video feedback is custom to your swim, and our mirrors - underwater and above - give instant visual feedback for fast and precise self correction. Our technology allows our instructors to have views that are unattainable for swim lessons at a traditional pool. 


About SwimBox

SwimBox was created to help you meet your swimming goals as quickly as possible. Each client is catered to differently so we can see what works best for you. Our swim lessons aren't rushed, so you'll never feel pressured to progress faster than you're comfortable with. The client is always SwimBox's priority.


Jump in

Have a swimming injury? Want to improve your swimming? After your first swim lesson we'll develop a plan specific to your needs. Each lesson will pick up where the last one left off so you can progress smoothly and quickly. You'll be filmed during every swim lesson and these videos are yours to keep, free of charge.