Private swim Lessons with Video Analysis

The technology in our one-on-one private lessons - video analysis & under and above water mirrors - is pretty cool. But our instructors are the true bread and butter of what sets our swim lessons apart.

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What can i expect?

Our Private Lessons with Video Analysis are for swimmers of all ages and ability levels*. We work with age group swimmers who need a little extra help getting to their goal time, as well as masters swimmers and triathletes looking to work on even the smallest of details of their stroke. Each swim lesson is 45 minutes long and will move at whatever pace you're comfortable with. 

*For kids 11&Under they must be able to get across the length of a pool (25 yards or meters) without stopping. We do not offer learn-to-swim lessons for children under the age of 6.

*this service is offered at both SwimBox Fairfax and SwimBox Sterling