Adult Learn-to-Swim

At SwimBox we believe that everyone should know how to swim, and we want to help reach that goal as best we can. You can learn-to-swim at any age, it's never too late.

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What can I expect?

Our Adult Learn-to-Swim lessons are 45 minutes in length, and are available as private or semi-private lessons. A semi-private lesson would be taught with two clients in the water, and the time would be split between the two of them. We find that couples love taking our semi-private swim lessons as a fun way to learn a new skill together.

*Please note that SwimBox will not provide someone for you to take semi-private lessons with.


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We use the same technology as olympians

Our video analysis coupled with underwater and above water mirrors creates the perfect learning environment to learn-to-swim.  This technology also helps us, the instructor, to teach the best and correct methods of swimming all four strokes and water safety. It also gives the client a strong foundation to improve upon and excel with their swimming as we progress.

*For kids 13&Under they must be able to get across the length of a pool (25 yards or meters) without stopping. We do not offer learn-to-swim lessons for children under the age of 14.