Skill Based In-Pool Open Water Prep Workout

I know not everyone is blessed with direct access to train in the open water, especially us over here in the DC area. Unless you spent the past 3-4 months prepping your man made backyard lake (I’m sure there’s at least one of you out there…), you’re probably going to have to do most of your open water preparation in the comfort of your local pool. But, never fear, we’ve got you covered like glaze on a donut. A sour cream cake donut to be exact, mmm. Sorry, got lost for a minute there…ahem, anyway, onto the workout.

Even though you’re not in an open water setting, there are still plenty of things you can work on to help you get ready for how you’ll be swimming the next time you have a triathlon or open water race. It’s best to practice these specific skills that you’ll most utilize when you don’t have lane lines, the bottom of the pool, walls, or the black line to help you out.

In this workout you should turn or flip at the "T," not the wall. This will not only help you prep for the lack of walls and the help they give you, but you’re going to look super cool doing it.

200 warm up - only a 200 warm up to be prepared for race day when you don't get a long warm up

4x50 - breathing to the right side (0:10 rest)

4x50 - breathing to the left side (0:10 rest)

4x50 - alligator eyes (0:10 rest)

200 - 50 sighting every 3 to 6 strokes, 100 freestyle, 50 sighting every 3 to 6 strokes- find the pattern that you like (0:20 rest)

400 - 100 sighting every 3 to 6 strokes 200 freestyle, 100 sighting every 3 to 6 strokes - don't forget to turn at the "T"! (0:20 rest)

800 -  200 sighting every 3 to 6 strokes, 400 freestyle, 200 sighting every 3 to 6 strokes (0:20 rest)

Easy 100 warm down

This simple skill based prep workout is great to help you focus on what you’ll need to be doing when you get back in the open water. If you need more practice sighting and feel comfortable breathing to both sides, feel free to switch up the 50s to the drill that needs the most focus.